Practical Water Analysis Interpretation

Opus Petroleum Engineering Ltd. offers the industry's best-known practical water analysis interpretation course. The course is a one and a half-day, hands-on practical workshop, designed to give petroleum engineers, geologists, technologists and laboratory personnel a working knowledge that they can immediately apply to their everyday work.

Theory is kept to a minimum and participa ptnts are encouraged to bring water analyses from their own work experience for class discussion. This course concentrates on the practical uses of water analyses that are not normally encountered in service company seminars.

This course is offered to individuals through open industry courses as well as "in-house" courses. Industry courses are on-going and individuals should phone or register on-line to book a course that fits their timetable.

To "fingerprint" a formation water to recognize the source formation.

To use water analysis to assist in stratigraphic and channel interpretations.

To use water analyses to avoid water compatibility problems.

To recognize meteoric waters for TDS mapping in basin studies.

To acquire better resistivity data from water analyses for log interpretation.

To recognize spent acid, KCl fluids and mud filtrate recoveries to find bypassed pay opportunities.

To recognize the type of fluid recovered from the limited data at the well site.

To recognize the source of the water in wells having completion problems.

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