The initial edition of this catalogue of formation water types was first published in 1986. The 1992 edition adds more analyses and improves the previous work. It now covers three provinces.

133 Stiff diagrams based upon 2633 water analyses

81 Stiff diagrams based upon 1893 water analyses

50 Stiff diagrams based upon 1282 water analyses

Fewer than 20% of water analyses in the EUB files or privately digitized databases are pure formation waters. The bulk of the data is composed of mixes and mud filtrates. This catalogue supports your application of these databases byproviding a reference of the pure waters in your particular study area.

Obtain accurate resistivities for your area

Pure filtrate recovery can indicate by-passed pay.

Vertical and lateral separation is shown by different water patterns.

Recognition of the source of water inflow can help in cases of poor cement bonding or casing leaks.

Formation waters that are high in bicarbonate indicate surface recharge of the aquifer.

Integration of water analyses with all of the geological tools creates a more complete composite picture.

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