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We offer industry-wide classroom courses, in-house courses and now individual training on-line

Register your interest on-line for our next industry-wide classroom session,
or e-mail us at
or phone us at (403) 266-6126 to book a course date for your company.
or contact us directly to discuss individual training.
Our next industry-wide course: Will be held in Calgary on
October 24 (full day) and 25 (1/2 day)
To register click here.
Our on-line course is now available and can be taught one-on-one.
The on-line course will be presented through live conference video with the instructors.
Case studies will be done off-line, then each case will be reviewed live with an instructor.
Please fill in the form on the registration page to register.
You will then be contacted to set up a schedule that fits your time frame..

Withdrawal Policies:
Individual Cancellation/Postponement: Charges prior to the course date are:
14 to 21 days prior = 25%;
3 to 13 days prior = 50%;
0 to 2 days prior = 100%
In-house Course Cancellation: Charges prior to the course date are:
booking to 14 days prior = 25%
3 to 13 days prior = 50%
0 to 2 days prior = 100%